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Air motors

Air motors with high torque

Models: MUB, MRD and MUD
High torque motors are based on standard models of the concerning type but they are equipped with additional reduction gears. They allow a high torque at low rotation speed plus a good torque-design ration. The air consumption is exactly as low as of the standard-motors which is an advantage whenever several air motors are used at a time. The gears are very robust, have a high constant driving torque and can be used until stalling (maximum torque).

Stainless steel air motors

Stainless steel air motors are mainly used in the food, medical or chemical industry to drive, cut, stir or mix. The stainless steel air motors are resistant to aggressive detergents or corrosive air. The air motor has a built-in special sealing which protects the motor from penetrating dirt particles and water. On the other hand the sealing protects lubrication oil to leak out at the shaft-housing area. The stainless steel air motors are meant to be used in humid, dusty environments. The housing and all exterior parts are made of high quality stainless steel. Special options for the use in areas with meat are available.

Non-lubricated air motors

The non-lubrication air motor models MRD 25, MRD 38, MUD 16 and MUD 23 are engineered for non-lubricated use. Whenever the air motors are used with absolutely dry air without any oil mist it is possible that the free speed of the air motor drops down after a certain time. A use with oil lubrication does not influence the functionality of the air motor what is the reason for our recommendation to lubricate these air motors. Moreover a lubricated use of the air motor increases the lifetime significantly. As tests show the ration can reach 1:10. In a shift or continuous operation it is highly recommended to use a non-lubrication model and to lubricate this air motor.

Oil traps for lubricated air motors

All air motors reach a maximum lifetime when used with lubrication. Whenever oil mist  is permitted at the workingplace - for example in medical devices or in the food industry -

and the use of a long exhaust  tube is not applicable we recommend to work with an oil trap. The oil in the exhaust air is guided into and collected in the oil trap (the oil is filtered out up to 99 %). The exhaust air coming out of the oil trap is practically clean and without oil. Oil traps also reduce the noise level with up to 30 dB(A) (depending on the mounting situation) what makes them even more valuable especially in testing laboratory use.

Noise reduction of air motors

The mechanical noise of a running air motor itself is very low. The expanding exhaust air is mainly responsible for the noise of a running air motor. To reduce the noise level dB(A) a silencer should be mounted to the exhaust air threaded hole of the models MRD and MUD. The noise reduction of the air motor models MR and MU is ensured by a sintered plate.
The noise level of the air motors (0,11 – 1,2 kW) is at an average of  77 dB(A). Depending on the requirements (e.g. in laboratories) it is possible to reduce this value to 60 dB(A) by special housing solutions.

Speed throttle for air motors

Air motor models MRD and MUD
Whenever the torque given in the technical data is requested but the speed must be lowered a speed throttle should be attached in spite of a silcencer. The throttle is mounted to the exhaust air opening of the models MxDx. The speed throttle is a combined solution which offers noise reduction and a throttle valve.