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Robust design - uncomplicated handling and non-hassle operation. Resistent without spark formation nor damage at a remarkable duty cycle of 100%. Reliable despite of a low maintenance effort. The air motors of Mannesmann Demag convince customers worldwide in many different industries:

1.   Chemical industry
2.   Glas industry
3.   Timber industry
4.   Nuclear energy industry
5.   Medical technology
6.   Food industry
7.   Paper industry
8.   Steel industry
9.   Solar industry
10. Textile industry
11. Packing industry

Our air motors are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and ATEX

You look for:

- Oilfree pneumatic motors with ATEX-Certificate in stainless steel?
-  Air motors for high torques?
-  Air motors with integrated brake?
-  Slowly turning air motors in stainless steel and ATEX-Certificate?
-  Air motors for brushing of mixing?
-  Air motors which exist of a combination of the above-mentionned characteristics?

No problem! It is our daily business to realize customer demands fast and reliably.

Let us discuss your application – possibly we have a suitable air motor already on stock.