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Fixture and fitting of air motors

Robust and powerful

Air motors are powerful and resistant to stalling but small and compact in design.
The activation of the motors is effected by a sufficiently dimensioned air supply line. All given power data rely on 6 bar working pressure.
Depending on the model and the pre-load some air motors can start already at 1 bar. Above approx. 2.5 bar a save starting is ensured in most applications.
This offers the advantage that a broad speed range is covered with only one motor model.

The exhaust air can be silenced by a throttle, a silencer or can be guided away by an exhaust hose. Seperately available exhaust air de-lubricators ensure a high noise reduction of the exhaust air and filter additionally the lubrication of the exhaust air.

Reversible air motors for the counter-/ clockwise use do have two air supply lines. It is important to vent the non-used air supply line because approx. 20% of the exhaust air is guided through this line. A non-vented air supply line would throttle down the motor, in a worst case scenario the motor would not start.

The air supply line must be sufficiently dimensioned. At a given air supply hose diameter according to operation manual the working pressure drops approx. 1 bar for 4 meter hose length. Therefore for hose length of more than 4 m the hose diameter needs to be broader to compensate the drop of pressure. It is necessary to measure the flow pressure directly at the air supply inlet of the motor to check whether insufficient power is caused by an unwanted drop of pressure. Use a broader air supply hose if necessary.
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